No deposit bonuses in New Zealand casinos

As you read this, there are thousands of online casinos operating around the world and operators are launching more casinos each week. Gambling software providers provide casinos with white-labeled casino website which means the software powering these casinos are all the same, it is just the casino branding that is different. These casinos are poised to launch in New Zealand and players wishing to start playing at these new casinos will soon realise that they all look and play the same. Players can no longer look at games as being the sole differentiating factor for when choosing an online casino. To see the top new casinos that are about the join in the Kiwi market, click here { }

Differentiation based on bonuses

A generous casino bonus does not mean that the online casino offering them are any good or even legit. Casinos use bonuses to attract new players and once those players are signed up then these players are encouraged to make deposits and keep on making deposits to keep them playing. Unscrupulous casinos will even take it a step further - they will use unattainable wagering requirement to lock the players into playing the bonus so that it becomes very difficult to withdraw any winnings that the bonus could generate. If the New Zealand player aiming to play at these new casinos has done his research into the game variety, game features, RTP percentage and customer service, then there is little distinction between these new online casinos.

  • Research the casino licence
  • Research the game providers and game variety
  • Find games with high RTPs
  • Interrogate the customer service

Once all the usual casino criteria is researched and weighed up New Zealand online casino players will find that there will be little to choose from in terms of finding a unique online casino experience. Bonuses are offered by all online casinos hoping to attract the Kiwi players. A lot of casinos will even offer no deposit bonuses with unrelenting and rigid wagering requirements attached to those bonuses. What if there are online casinos entering the New Zealand market that hope to attract Kikw online players by using no deposit bonuses WITHOUT wagering requirements attached? This article attempts to investigate this statement and shed some light for the New Zealand gambler in a bit more detail.


What is a wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement, also known as a play through requirement, is a condition that an online casino, bingo hall or sports betting operator attaches on their bonuses. These bonuses can include loyalty rewards, free spins and free money in order to, as they say, prevent players from abusing these bonuses. These conditions are normally buried away deep in the terms and conditions pages of casino sites or in the bonus terms. What this means to the player that the relevant bonus and any winnings gathered from it, needs to wagered through a number of times before the money is converted into a cash amount that the player can safely withdraw from his player account

So if a New Zealand player comes across a casino and finds the wagering requirements, what would this practically mean? If, for instance, the online casino attaches a 40x wagering requirement on a deposit match bonus then this means the following: Lets say the player receives a 100% match bonus of NZ$100 after depositing NZ$100 at the casino and this bonus has a wagering requirement of 40x. The wagering requirement will then be calculated as NZ$100 x 40 which is NZ$4,000. This means that the player will have to wager through the NZ$100 bonus to the amount of NZ$4,000 before he is eligible to withdraw any winnings from that bonus. He will only be able to access his NZ$100 deposit once the bonus wagering requirements are met.

Why choose a no wagering requirement casino?

A casino that offers no deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements is a sign of a casino that values transparency and fairness and ultimately cares about the player experience more than bonus sizes. Removing the wagering requirements gets rid of the inherent confusion that these requirements create in terms of player disputes around wagering requirements that clog up the customer service channels. No deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements can already remove an obstacle for New Zealand players doing their research on a new online casino. If two casinos are competing on the size of welcome bonuses then these casinos can already be discounted because the bigger the welcome bonus, the higher and more complex the wagering requirements.